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Civil Engineering

Course Overview

B.Tech in CIVIL ENGINEERING is a four years full time graduate degree program, comprising two semester each year. The program is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Gautam Budha Technical University (GBTU) Lucknow. The department strives to impart quality education keeping in view the Global scenario and social obligation. The department strives for continuous improvement in quality if education through curriculum development and up gradation of laboratories.

The department can boast of very well equipped CAD, Structural Detailing, Geotechnical, Hydraulics and Theory of Machines Laboratories The department also has a well-equipped workshop that caters to the need of the entire college.

Faculty, many with post graduate qualifications and some with industry experience ensure the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students.

An interactive relationship is maintained between the students and staff, which enable the students to develop a sound foundation, which is an essential trait of a good civil engineer.


Semester- I

  • Engg. Mathematics-I (NAS 103)
  • Professional Communication (NAS 104)
  • Engg. Mechanics (NME 102)
  • Computer System and Programming in C (NCS 101)
  • Engg. Physics – I (NAS 101)
  • Basic Manufacturing Process (NME 101)

Semester- II

  • Engg. Mathematics – II (NAS 203)
  • Electronics Engg. (NEC 201)
  • Engg. Chemistry (NAS 202)
  • Basic Electrical Engg. (NEE 201)
  • Engg. Physics – II (NAS 201)
  • Environment and Ecology (NAS 205)

Semester- III

  • Engg Mathematics-III (NAS-301)
  • Fluid Mechanics (NCE-301)
  • Building Materials & Construction (NCE-302)
  • Mechanics of Solids (NME-302)
  • Industrial Psychology (NHU-301)
  • Surveying-I (NCE-303)
  • Human Value & Professional Ethics ( AUC-002)

Semester- IV

  • Science Based Elective (NOE-041 to NOE-049)
  • Structural Analysis-I (NCE-401)
  • Geo-informatics (NCE-402)
  • Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines (NCE-403)
  • Industrial Sociology (NHU-402)
  • Engineering Geology (NCE-404)
  • Cyber Security (AUC-002)

Semester- V

  • Engineering Economics (NHU 501)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (NCE 501)
  • Transportation Engineering-1 (NCE 502)
  • Environmental Engineering-1 (NCE 503)
  • Structural Analysis-2 (NCE 504)
  • Design of ConcreteStructure-1 (NCE 505)

Semester- VI

  • Industrial Management (NHU 601)
  • Design of Concrete Structure-2 ( NCE 601)
  • Environmental Engineering-2 (NCE 602)
  • Construction Technology & Management (NCE 603)
  • Departmental Elective-1 (NCE 011 -014)
  • Departmental Elective-2 (NCE 021-024)

Semester- VII

  • Open Elective – I (EOE071‐ EOE074)
  • Department Elective‐III (ECE031‐ ECE034)
  • Department Elective‐IV (ECE041‐ ECE044)
  • Design of Steel Structures (ECE701)
  • Water Resources Engg (ECE702)

Semester- VIII

  • Open Elective – II (EOE081‐ EOE084)
  • Departmental Elective‐V (ECE051‐ ECE054)
  • Departmental Elective‐VI (ECE061‐ ECE064)
  • Construction Technology & Management (ECE801)